Anal Sadist was started in August of 1988. The name "Anal Sadist" comes from an ex-manager who when I described my love of playing chess said that he thought that chess was the highest form of "anal sadism" possible. Hey, what a great name for a band...

The very first Anal Sadist release was a C-30 cassette called "Austere". The first 20 copies had special day-glo packaging. The rest were packaged plainly. Anal Sadist appeared on a Turbine compilation called "An Extremely Good Thing" featuring international noise artists The Haters and Allegory Chapel . Anal Sadist also appears on several early cassette compilations including Nice Noise Vol 2 (Nihilistic) and Wakened By Silence (Charnel Music).

A trip to Japan in the summer of 1991 resulted in a three hour studio session of collaboration with Anal Sadist, The Gerogerigegege and The Nihilist Surfin' Group. Unfortunately, the tapes of this session were lost. During this trip, many relationships with Japanese noise and performance artists were established most notably with emerging British performance artist and dancer, Shelley Hollingsworth.
1992 Tokyo Performance
In the early fall of 1992, a live performance was arranged at the Theatre Poo in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. The music and interpretive dance performance involved Anal Sadist and Shelley H. (native British artist transplanted to Tokyo).
Based on recent dreams, the first half of the performance was a wandering dance by Shelley H., blindfolded by a strip of gauze, to a background of intense throbbing low-level noise generated from scanner samples. Audience participation helped Shelley lift her veil of wanderings.
The second half of the performance was an intense re-enactment of a nightmare in which Shelley H. is tormented by an anonymous figure wielding a cotton rope. Tied at the ankle, the big black figure would only let her move a few feet in each direction. The music at this point was at sheer intensity with shrieks, rumblings and static.

Using strategically placed items, the big figure was then assaulted. At the climax of the dream, the big figure simply retreated leaving Shelley H. both feeling safe yet full of dread.

The perfomance ended with a looping collage of noise scanner dialogue. This was the very first live performance by Anal Sadist and it was a success. It was presented before 30 captivated (or captive) audience members.
1993 Release
In the second half of 1993, Anal Sadist released a new cassette called Chaw/Shotgun Head. Around this time, production of several homemade guitars made from scrap wood from the Anal Sadist woodpile was started. These guitars have since become a centerpiece in Anal Sadist live performances.
1994 Performance Opening for Hijokaidan
In April of 1994, Anal Sadist was asked to open for a trio of well-known Japanese noise bands, Hijokaidan, Solmania and Christine 23-Onna. The show occurred at the Covered Wagon Saloon in San Francisco.

The Anal Sadist performance was powerful, to say the least. With Mistress J and members of AMK/gx, the performance blew out the entire right channel of the PA system just 6 minutes into the performance. After re-switching cables, the performance continued through a Marshall amp set to "11". (In other words, very loud...)

These two photos © 1993 Mike Rowell
Other live performances in 1994 included an Anal Sadist performance at the Red Light District nightclub in San Jose and Anomalous Records in Los Angeles. The latter performance being the best, most intense and dark show in the Anal Sadist history. Collaborators in this performance included long-time friend and collaborator Les Scurry.
Other Anal Sadist Performances
Also in 1994, Anal Sadist became a regular performing member of The Haters-- an international noise/performance group led by G. X. Jupitter-Larsen. To this date, Anal Sadist has performed in 13 Haters performances in the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles.

In October of 1995, Anal Sadist was again asked to open for a well-known Japanese noise artist, Merzbow. Anal Sadist's influences include a heavy dosage of Merzbow and to open for Merzbow was a thrill indeed. The show occurred at the Stork Club in Oakland, CA. Anal Sadist's performance included a homemade guitar whipping by Mistress J. The guitar survived but the crop did not.
1996 - Anal Sadist Recordings and Performances
Soon after the Merzbow show, Anal Sadist recorded 6 new pieces for a future CD. Anal Sadist also appears on a Merzbow tribute CD "America Salutes Merzbow" released in 1996.

Performance spaces have been few and far between but collaborations bewteen AMK and Anal Sadist will appear sometime in 1996. In fact, Anal Sadist (as Wm. Christman) appears on the new AMK "Play" CD, producing, transferring and manipulating three tracks. Anal Sadist is always looking to perform live. If you are interested, please write the postal address below or use the email link at the bottom of this page.
1997 The - "All-Interview Year"
Turbine Industries website got lots of attention in 1997 and two individuals were kind enough to inquire about the state of Anal Sadist. Anal Sadist was interviewed by Dead Angel online magazine as well as Neo-Barbaric print magazine. Click here to read the Dead Angel interview.
1998 to 2009 - Goodbye
For all intents and purposes, Anal Sadist was dissolved in 1998. The desire to perform was gone. A few collaborations with AMK were done but not as Anal Sadist
2010 to 2014 - The first Anal Sadist CD (finally)

RafaƂ of Impulsy Stetoskopu contacted Turbine to do an Anal Sadist CD release. After a few months of remastering tracks, determining a CD name and general task completion, Anal Sadist finally had a CD release called Ugly, Still.

The activity of relistening to and remastering the Anal Sadist tracks for the CD stoked a reinterest in both performing and to revitalizing Turbine Industries. However, it would be nearly 3 years before anything happened.

2014 to present - Restart/Relaunch

Das of Big City Orchestra had been doing a handful of weekly radio shows (in addition to his long-long term Big City Orchestra project) on a pirate radio station out of The Netherlands called DFM. One of his shows is ubRadio (which airs on DFM from 17:00-19:00 on Sundays in the US Pacific timezone).

To be succinct, we made contact and Anal Sadist was invited to perform live. On November 16, 2014, Anal Sadist played two 45 minute sets on uBRadio.

With a renewed interest in all things noisy, Anal Sadist will be releasing material along with other Turbine artists to celebrate the relaunch of Turbine Industries.

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