This is my journal and my writing and I do what I please with it. I write whatever I want, whenever I want. Sometime I'll be nice, sometime I won't and there's no guarantee for either. Anyone with access to the internet can read these pages and I appreciate you stopping by however that doesn't give you or anyone else the right to tell me what or how I should write. I welcome your comments, positive or negative, but I reserve the right to express myself any way I choose. If you wish to have or are seeking an argument, please find a chatroom on AOL for that. The same goes for insane babbling or judgments of a moral or religious nature. Please spend that kind of drama on someone else.

Speaking of morality, there are journal entries and stories contained in this site that may contain one (or more) of the seven (or more) dirty words that someone has deemed unacceptable for use in public. There may also be journal entries and stories that describe, in varying degrees of explicit detail, acts of normal and radical sexual behaviour between one or more people. Much of the writing on Brutal comes from my real-life experiences and interests, and although I could censor myself, I would be betraying how I truly think, speak and write. So if these types of things bother you...go elsewhere, please. Remember, I 'm giving you advance warning and I am asking nicely, ok?

As far as children accessing this site goes, I refuse to use cookies and other devices or refer you to "parental control" tools and websites. The best control you can exercise is to take the responsibility as a parent to be aware of the content your children view on the internet or in real life.

If you know me in real life (or know me through Janet or other friends) and read this site, please don't get too upset to find an occasional not-so-nice comment or remark about you or others that you know. As much as I'd like to have perfect, happy, shiny friendships, real-life simply doesn't work that way. Please know that I love all of my friends dearly and a spurious negative thought or two cannot undo how I feel about you. I hope you will feel the same. If you do know me in real life, please let me know if you have read my work on this site.