about Brutal

Writing has always been a great outlet for me. It helps me sleep and it keeps me awake. It clears my mind and much as it clouds it. It makes ordinary boredom become sheer terror. It makes me happy as much as it makes me sad. Most of all, it keeps me thinking which is the most important "why" of all.

Brutal started off as a collection of my writing over a four month period in 2000 while riding on a train to work to and from San Francisco. It quickly morphed into an online journal which I think is more true to my real writing style which is little snippets throughout the day or week. My longer stories, essays and thoughts are still a part of this site but they more sporadic. This is not necessarily an art project and I don't really consider myself an artist, per se. If you derive some enjoyment out of reading my writing then I think that's cool; if you don't then that's cool too.