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Sticky Foods Matsuri Part 2 (Hashiya)

After Nebari-ya, we wandered through the Rokugo-dori. The neighbourhood is an older area with well established shops, most of them are restaurants. We stopped at a country French restaurant for some wine and a small plate of cheese. And after a while (and even though we just ate at Nebari-ya), we thought it would be a good idea to walk back and sample the neba-neba stylings of Hashiya.

Make no mistake, Hashiya serves spaghetti... (photo by wjc)

Hashiya is a spaghetti restaurant with a mind-boggling number of combinations. I lost count at 40 (well, our food arrived...). However, they do have some interesting dishes involving neba-neba...

...Soma-san told me about Hashiya last year and I was eagerly anticipating a trip the restaurant this year.

I had expected to just have natto spaghetti because that's what we had spoken about last time we taked about going to Hashiya. While we were drinking wine earlier, Soma told me about another dish he liked better than the natto spaghetti: tarako-uni-ika spaghetti. Yikes!

Hashiya is a small place with about 12 seats total. Even at 9:30 in the evening, there was a line. They take their last order at 10:30 so eating late is ok. We ordered natto spaghetti and the cod roe-sea urchin-squid spaghetti.

Bolognese and natto...the marriage of two worlds. (photo by wjc)

The natto spaghetti has a meat sauce (Bolognese style) as a base; the natto is put on top of that. A dash of cream finishes the dish. Once mixed it takes on a creamy, semi-chunky texture. The taste of a classic Italian sauce fused with the earthiness of the natto is supremely unique. The cream rounds it out making the simple ingredients into a rich masterpiece.

Heavenly tarako-uni-ika spaghetti... (photo by wjc)

Even though the natto spaghetti was outstanding, the tarako-uni-ika pasta was a treat like no other. Since both tarako and uni are somewhat paste-like, both are whipped together to make a base sauce. Small strips of squid are added to that just before tossing with hot pasta. Visually, it's a stunning dish (my picture doesn't do it justice)...but the taste? Oh...my...

The tarako and uni mixture coats the spaghetti in a way similar to a pasta carbonara. The squid just comes along for the ride, adding a slightly different texture to the al-dente pasta (by the way, Hashiya KNOWS al-dente!). The saltiness of the tarako and the sublime uni is superb with the pasta. At times, it seemed like a red-sauced seafood pasta...I almost kept looking for the mussels. It was by far the most delicious pasta dish I have had in many years.

Even if you don't want to take the step to go all out neba-neba, Hashiya has enough pasta choices to choose from. (Their regular carbonara looked real good....) However, if you want something profoundly satisfiying, order the tarako-uni-ika pasta. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Hashiya is just south of the Hatagaya Station on the Keio Train line. From the station, cross the street and look up for the Rokugo-Dori Shopping Area sign. Hashiya is almost at the end of Rokugo-dori on the right side across from Nebari-ya.


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