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>ooh ... you might strike a nerve with Wm. by bringing the Gerogerigegee
>(sic) up here.

No, no, no...that was in the past. More on this in a bit.

It's not often that I have anything to say about the discussions on chug except to play "on-topic" cop once in a great while. So since I haven't done so in a while, here's some Gerogerigegege thoughts and info.

The Gerogerigegege is essentially Juntaro Yamanouchi. Gerogerigegege is a Japanese onomatopoeia for vomiting and shitting diaharrea at the same time. "gerogeri" refers to a rumbling/spewing colon and "gegege" refers to the sound you make when you vomit...look on the cover of Tokyo Anal Dynamite for an illustration...

I started corresponding with Juntaro around 1990 as did many other "noise" labels and musicians. In 1991, when I went to Japan to meet my relatives for the first time, I ended up meeting him and hanging out with him for a full day. Phew, the first of many interesting days I spent with him.

Juntaro was a prototypical noise "networker" back in the day. He wrote EVERYONE asking to both put his stuff on compilations or solo releases and promising to put other folks' music out on his label (Vis a Vis Audio Arts) in Japan. Consequently, his stuff appeared on tons of comps but he rarely returned the favor. His networking skills however gained him an office/room which was literally stuffed full of cassettes, vinyl and other noise junk. He had a "wall" of cassettes which spanned an entire 8' x 14' wall in his house. He had *all* of the rare beyond belief Whitehouse albums and so on...

We got to know each other pretty well. We played together (me as Anal Sadist -- my former nom d' band, him as Gerogerigegege and a couple of his friends called Nihilist Surfin' Group) a few times in rent-by-the-hour studios in Tokyo during a few times I was there on business. I never got tapes of those "sessions" but I do remember them being chaotic and fun. We ended up working a deal where I became *exclusive* distributor of his stuff in the US.

This worked for a while but things started to turn sour. He started calling me constantly at 3 and 4 am to talk about every inane thing imaginable and even demanded that I call him back to continue the conversation and share the phone cost. You can pretty much guess the rest of the relationship from that point.

There's no doubt that Juntaro was troubled. His mother was a classically trained pianist who was pretty huge in the Japanese classical music world but they seemed to not get along very well--Juntaro's solo piano noodlings on a post-Live Greatest Hits release may have been some sort of reaction to this. He also seemed to be trying to find his sexuality which may have manifested itself in many of his recordings (the masturbation" senzuri" obsession, "Her Name Is On My Cock" and so on....) and by his obsessive fascination with gay lifestyle and activist organizations like ACT UP which he asked me to put him in contact with. He ended up in the hospital for a while with a nervous condition which no one was willing to talk about. It kind of goes on and on. A troubled genius to say the least.

As far as early stuff goes, what I can remember is that there were several one-off limited edition singles and cassettes of early Gero works which were mostly noise destruction with a four piece (bass, drums, gtr, screaming) similar to Tokyo Anal Dynamite.

The Tokyo Anal Dynamite CD was one bit of head-exploding hilarity rolled into about 71 minutes. Something like a jillion short, aggressive, punk-but-not-quite-right-sounding songs jam packed with titles like Boys Don't Cry and so on. As pure gut-wrench-ear-waste, it simply cannot be beat.

After TAD, Juntaro met up with a 51-year-old man who was keen on masturbating in public or at least on stage. Juntaro's focus seemed to gravitate in that direction and he wandered away from the bash-crank-zoom of the past into 10 minute long pieces of his friend panting into a mic whilst gratifying himself, Juntaro's piano noodlings or field recordings. His fascination with "senzuri" (the Japanese word for male masturbation) was everywhere and seemed to penetrate every aspect of his life. BTW, "senzuri" literally means "one thousand rubs" and is the Japanese word for male masturbation. The Japanese word for female masturbation is "manzuri" and means "ten thousand rubs". I'll let you draw your own conclusions...

He continued to release stuff on other labels but it was mostly comprised of early Gero material. I ended up putting out a 7" Gero single called "Senzuri Fight Back" on my Turbine label ( It was an early, hand-held tape recorder recording of a live Gero experience. Anyone who is interested in either a bulk order at a cheap price or a single copy at a discounted regular price should write me privately or visit the Turbine website. I have *plenty* to give up...

There used to be some pretty comprehensive discographies on the net for Gero but they seem to have disappeared. Extreme Music still carries some Gero stuff ( but it's all pretty rare these days.

As far as a recommendation goes, I'd say Tokyo Anal Dynamite is the best. Followed closely by Senzuri Power Up and Live Greatest Hits. A Taiwanese label released a good set of Gero stuff too but I cannot recall the name of it.

I haven't talked with Juntaro in many years. I don't really know if he's still doing any sort of music but a few mutual friends of ours say that he's still around and as tortured as ever. It would indeed be interesting to know what he's up to...