...but the devil sends the cooks


Welcome to "...but the devil sends the cooks". Actually, the title comes from a slightly longer quote: "God sends meat, but the Devil sends cooks." which, depending on your source, is considered to be a 16th century proverb. It has also been quoted by several others which account for the variations in wordings

The aim of this blog is to write about what makes us passionate about all facets of food, food history, techniques new and old, great (and not-so-great) restaurants, and the role that all of these things play in all of our lives.

This is the third food blog that I have started - the most recent one was called "Two. Ate." and can be found here. What makes this one different is that I actually have convinced some of the most talented people I know, my friends, to contribute. You can see their names on the list of contributors on the main page.

Much of the design of this blog, both in layout and attitude, comes from three or four of my favorite food blogs and writers, most notably Michael Ruhlman's excellent "Notes From The Food World" and Michael Nagrant's HungryMag. These blogs inspire me on a daily basis and are really part of the impetus to write regularly about one of the true few passions of my life.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what we have to offer here. Please drop us a line at "originlarder at gmail dot com" and let us know what you like or don't like.


-wm. christman

editor and contributor

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