07.04.2007 (Wednesday), 07:47 AM

Fire Works


Apparently someone in the neighbourhood decided that the evening of July 3rd was ripe for setting off Piccolo Pete fireworks (those whistling ones...). It wasn't just one or two...it was a series of what seemed like 25 or 30. They must have had them lined up and had someone touch them off in a workman-like fashion.

Ordinarily I would have been annoyed (as it was about 11 pm and I had just gone to bed), and initially I was but after the 6th or 7th, I realized what was happening and then strained to hear just one more. More came in succession, building up a weird but neat rhythm, clashing with the quiet, still air of a July night.

Then, just as it started, it was over. Although I didn't dream because of it, it felt like a unique summer had finally arrived and was making its contribution to an already unique year.

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