07.16.2007 (Monday), 11:21 PM

Amok Time

...are we learning to live again?

Six months of roller-coaster highs and soul-searching lows in the whack-a-mole landscape of 2007...

Laughter, sadness, elation, depression, magic and loss. Good and true and noble intentions that represent true love and feelings that, in another time and place, would be the cause for much celebration. And maybe there will be a time and place for that in the future. Right now, all there is is the present.

Everyone is searching for happiness and grounding - some lucky folks achieve it. I and others continue to grasp around in the dark looking for the handle that will open the door to it. It is those of us who are in the dark that I worry for. Will we ever find it? Will we even get close?

Times like these are the true test of all that is right and wrong with our lives.

Times like these are created solely by us and we allow ourselves to run as amok inside them as much as we feel comfortable with.

Times like these we critically question our core values and relationships and lives in the hope that there's an answer out there somewhere. I have no doubt that there is an answer out there, but right now all there is...is the present.

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