06.29.2007 (Friday), 06:50 AM

Standing Still

...that entrance is that way...

Standing still only works if you are content to stay put. If you want to advance, progress, evolve, you must take a step. But the act of lifting your foot to make that step is one of the hardest motions that the brain tries to make. The synapses start firing at in the head but get stopped by your gut and, most times, at your heart, as if those parts of you have an overriding disconnect (or maybe it’s a safety switch).

Standing still for too long means atrophy; it means wasting away; it means not fulfilling your potential…no one intentionally wants that. At least I don’t. But taking that first step is still difficult.

It would be very convenient to have a crystal ball that could tell you your fate when you decide to take that step. But then knowing everything to come would probably be a dreary existence. As much as it’s frightening to not be able to predict or see the future, it is filled with learning, albeit not in ways that you’d imagine. It may seem more like pain than learning in the moment…

But if your goal is to continue learning until you die, then you have to force yourself take that step. Not taking that step and choosing to stand still is to deny your real purpose, intentions, and most importantly, your existence.

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