05.25.2007 (Friday), 07:47 PM

Wet = Not So Bad

...swinging in the rain, just slinging in the rain...

Ok, ok...so I jumped to conclusions. In hindsight, the rain wasn't so bad.

Usually around this time of year in Japan, rain means one thing: the rainy season. It's called 'tsuyu' (梅雨) and it's hot, sticky, gross, and being in it is not very pleasant. All I could imagine this morning was that I'd feel like a damp, hot rag all day, trying to un-stickify my clothing from my overheated body.

As luck would have it, this was a holdover from a winter storm. The air was cool (and clean), the rain not so pounding, the streets wet but not puddled...it was downright pleasant to walk in (with an umbrella, of course.)

So, this trip is coming to an end, and the rain could have dampened it. But it didn't. It just reminded me that you take these things as they come and sometimes they turn out to be a blessing.

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