05.19.2007 (Saturday), 05:18 PM

The Middle Of Somewhere

...quiet, nothing but quiet...

Just 3 hours west of Tokyo, there exists a place called Kiyosato. And as far as small, out of the way places go, this is a pretty good one. It's in the foothills near the Yatsugatake range of mountains. My friend Soma-san and his wife Kazumi have a small "getaway" house out here and it's 100% beautiful, nestled between tall pine trees and rustic terrain.

Among the landscape sparsely dotted with small houses, there are farms and small businesses selling everything from freshly made breads and sausages to a few bed and breakfast inns. It's not at all like what California offers in the way of quaint (and expensive because it's trendy), it's just nice, low-key, unpretentious.

We're here for the weekend and it is instantly relaxing. We just raided the local supermarket (as well as the local bread shop (pan-ya san) and sausage store) and are about to have a feast so rather than continue babbling on, I think I'll have something to eat. Then relax just a little bit more.

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