05.27.2007 (Sunday), 11:58 AM

Stay Or Go, Stay Or Go

...the dilemma, always...

Saturday was a blur. I have some truly wonderful and close friends here. I spent the day with them amid doing last minute shopping. The shopping part was necessary (gifts to bring home and so on) but visiting with my close friends is essential.

I saw Kaba, Tai and So-chan (so cute!) for a delicious soba lunch and an afternoon of making each other laugh...then met Soma-san and Kazumi for our traditional going away dinner (many years running!) with spaghetti (Japanese style of course!), wine and cheese and more laughs.

I know that my friends here keep me coming back but I cannot say exactly why I love this country so much. Many people have tried to figure it out for me but none have come to describe it exactly. I still can't put it in definite terms. It's just how it is.

So now, off the to airport to get back to life as I know it. I have friends and special people who I also enjoy spending time with and as much as I am going to miss my friends here, I miss my friends back in California. It's time to put the wraps on this one. Until next year, when I'll do it all over again.

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