05.26.2007 (Saturday), 12:00 AM

Save Johnny Depp!

...what do you mean you're not happy to see me!

Every single day, I pass by this one wall in the Toei Oedo line station in Shinjuku that has a full width set of poster advertising the third Pirates Of The Carribean movie that opens here in a few days. And for the third time on this trip (who knows how many other times this has happened), Johnny Depp has GONE MISSING!


The wall has a series of 8 posters (2 of each of 4 characters from the movie). Johnny occupies the second and sixth slots on the wall. On Saturday last week, one Johnny was gone and the other had been torn to shreds - brutal, these Depp kidnappers! On Monday, a middle-aged gentleman was replacing the missing and torn Johnnies with new ones.

By Wednesday, the Johnny Depp disappearance continued. By Thursday, the Johnnies were replaced. Passing by the wall late this evening (Friday), Johnny Depp was the most unlucky boy of all and had gone missing. Again.

This part of the station seems to always be crowded with people so then only two possible things that could explain this are: 1) alien abduction or 2) Johnny Depp gets tired of being plastered to a wall and decides to go have a beer down the hall in the Keio Mall.

There, in fact, is some plausibility to the latter theory...I swear I was sitting next to him tonight as I enjoyed my 10th...er, 2nd beer. And you know, he doesn't look as tall as he does on the wide-screen...no, really....

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