05.21.2007 (Monday), 09:04 PM

Persuade Me


Roaming around the streets and passageways this evening made for the usual mix of frenetic and electrically charged ping-ponging of people, this way and that. And on the way home (on this trip at least), the feast for the eyes is stunning 'round about 9:30 pm.

There were two couples trying to squeeze a bit of privacy out of a very public place in one of the thoroughfares, both sweet in their own ways. Both looked to be of late high-school age, both were intense and electric but in differing ways.

Couple #1 were pressed against a closed food store entry way, in a little alcove of privacy, sharing some tender if furtive kisses. It was as if they were trying to wrest every last second of being together before going their separate ways, if only for the day.

Couple #2 were close to a subway entrance and looked to be in some kind of mild misery. The man looked to be doing his level best to assure his mate that everything would indeed be 'all right'. It was a sweet scene as well even though she didn't look convinced. The intense sphere around them was shining out for anyone to see.

Both of these scenes hit just a little bit of home about I feel about being here. My love affair with this place here is all at once sweet and tender, wanting to care for and linger on and on the feeling of being in this place, not wanting to part with it. The other side is this place trying to persuade me to stay a little bit longer, insisting that I just give it a chance...but like the woman in couple #2, I'm skeptical about it, not wanting to believe that this is what I want and that there isn't something that I already have that makes me feel warm and safe.

Persuade me, cajole me, convince me...it's going to take a lot more than just that to get me here.

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