05.24.2007 (Thursday), 10:40 PM

Intentionally Lost

...once again lost in the mix...

I decided to intentionally get lost this afternoon so it was off to Shimokitazawa. I don't think there is a better place to get lost than this one. (I mean, you really can get *lost-lost* in Tokyo...but I digress)

Cowboy, oh boy.. (photo by wjc)

I like this area of Tokyo SOOOO much. Lots of small alleys to explore, tons of food shops (like there's not tons of food already in Tokyo), funky/cool stores selling most anything that you'd want or need. Shimokitazawa has a NYC Lower East Side feel, or maybe a SF Haight Street vibe or even a LA Los Feliz taste...nonetheless, it's all jam packed into an area the size of a football field.

All that aside, getting lost here is most of the fun. The sense of adventure, the quest for exploration, peering into the never-before-seen, that's what it's all about for me. I am perfectly content to not have a plan or agenda and merely poke my head into things that will somehow give me new perspective, new experiences, new entertainment(s) or just plan out amaze or thrill me with something unique. I mean, if you spend your time being led around (on a tour or whatever) then that's ok, I guess maybe for a while, but you gain so much more exploring on your own...living as if the world is open for your curiosity.

The world is open, you just need to find the turnstile to enter...

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