05.23.2007 (Wednesday), 08:11 PM

Bag Freak

...satisfaction's in the bag (ha!)

As with most big cities, Tokyo is a very fashionable place. Maybe even more so than other cities - the sense of style permeates nearly everything. If you come here in your Bermuda shorts and dark socks n' sandals, you will feel out of place (btw, just for the record, I am so anti-sandal that I break out in hives at the notion of wearing a pair of them...)

The thing that just slays me is that nearly everyone has some sort of bag that they carry around. I am a bonafide bag freak (fetishist is more like it) so this appeals to my more primitive nature. I own more bags than most guys (shoes too!) and am nearly (read on) never caught out without one.

This afternoon, on the way to meet a friend for early dinner, I chose not to lug around the usual collection of books, iPods and other essentials...eschewing that to save my aching shoulder. I mean, not that all of this stuff is super-heavy, but after walking around for hours, it does get wearing (literally).

While it sounded like a great idea at the time...heh, out the door feeling light as a er, feather...I instantly felt stark naked without my bag. Since I had already made it to the subway, I wasn't going to repeat an incident that happened earlier today ('nuff said) but I felt that I had to take action.

20 minutes later, the bag freak in me was satisfied with the quick purchase of a stylish yet inexpensive bag to add to the collection. Yeah, I could have toughed it out but then my naughty bits (figuratively!) would have been exposed to the world.

It's just like that sometimes...

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