03.09.2007 (Friday), 07:02 PM



Sometimes there is nothing so heart-wrenching as the ending notes of a soundtrack to a movie that you truly and deeply love. The crescendos and swells that make the music sing higher and higher become just echoed memories. You want to relive them over and over but the soundtrack presses on and on to its conclusion.

And as the final notes fade into the distance, still ringing and dancing around your ears, you suddenly notice how still everything becomes...and that everything comes to a stop for a brief second, which seems to last an eternity. You strain to listen, and hope for the reprise, then listen again...yearning to hear those last few bars that thrill you so but, alas, it's done.

And when it's done, all you have is the memory of the music and sounds that are the soundtrack to that movie that you truly and deeply love.

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