02.25.2007 (Sunday), 03:23 PM


...I lost my sense, I lost control, I lost my mind...

A week. Lost. A lost week. Lost in thought, work, ideas, dreams. Lost worrying about things that I know better to not worry about. Confidence lost (then regained by a simple word). Time lost.

Stepped into lost time. All the things in my car were floating as if in zero gravity and there was bright lights all around...a real X-Files moment. Or was it? I seemed to have lost recollection of that (well, I thought I saw that...no, really...).

Lost track of time for hours at a time on several days this past week, spurred on by forces greater than just one person can control.

Lost the ability to continue to dwell on the past. I think that might have been the lost breakthrough of the year.

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