02.08.2007 (Thursday), 10:36 PM

25th Floor

...flower of creation...

I usually stay on the 24th. Lots of people there. It's comfortable, warm - I know this place. I know the people there.

Some days, when I'm feeling depressed or melancholy, I go to the 25th. It's the top floor, right under the roof. It's bright beyond belief and not many people there, if any any all. Most days, it's just me.

It's just a blank floor - windows reaching out in all directions, like moving in another dimension. Walking around, I feel light, balanced, fine. I feel as if I could walk beyond the windows, wrap my legs around the sky.

Most of the time, there are not many people there. Some days, there is one person who quietly sits and beams, watching me, silently encouraging me, but says nothing - they don't have to.

The 25th floor is best on those days, less so when I'm alone up there. Some days, there are not many people up there. But when there are, it's all I need.

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