01.18.2007 (Thursday), 12:57 AM

The Valise, Part 3

selling the fantasy...

Yumi woke with a start, the bottom of her yukata tangled up around her legs. Feeling the slightly warm wind coming through her balcony, she glanced over at the clock. It was 1:39am and the television showed a blanket of static.

It felt good to be home and on her own bed. The temporary apartment in California had been a convenience but was spartan. It was one of the hazards of her work, she mused. Selling the fantasy meant spending time in others beds and very little time in her own.

Curling up under the covers, Yumi thought about spending the day in Harajuku to prepare for the coming week. Fortunately, Harajuku fashion was exactly what her client wanted so the day should be easy....

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