01.23.2007 (Tuesday), 01:35 AM

The Late, Late, Really Late Show

no lights at the end, just bright lights all around....

Writing has been much easier lately for many reasons. A friend (who shall remain nameless...but it has been more than one as well that has made the following comment) once said that I seem to write much more when I'm up against something....work stress or whatever... Another said (once) that I strive to be the living embodiment of misery and that I "live to complain". The nerve. I don't complain. Er, much...well, ok a bit. Now, dammit where's my FLYING CAR?

But no. I don't think it's any of that. I mentioned lots of changes in 2007 a few postings ago - some would be my doing and some would not, 'natch. So far I'm just about 1-to-1 in the mine vs. fate sweepstakes. I'm forcing myself to look at things in different lights, taking the time to dream a bit more, shed some of the things in my own head that force my hand into taking the safe road, and generally looking at life with a (much) wider lens.

It's weird isn't it, that until you make conscious changes (that is, actually "do" instead of "hope-to-do") that the world seems a much more visceral place, where instinct plays a much greater role than intellect. Nothing wrong with intellect, don't me wrong on that, but the chance to genuinely FEEL is heightened when instinct rules the day. At times, it makes me feel prickly all over, abeit in a nice way... It can make me a bit of a crank monster though but that's just the instinct talkin'.

Right now, I just need to resist the urge to deny that all of it is good for me. And that would be the trickiest part of all. But it is. And I'm nearly convinced. That it is. Good. For. Me.

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