01.18.2007 (Thursday), 06:57 AM

Oxygen Tank

coming up for air doesn't mean you're going to be able to breathe...

In the grand scheme of things, I summited this week (and just this week). Weird though that I never noticed the height until this past Monday evening. After spending the evening about 35 feet from the summit (or what became the summit which I didn't know about at the time) drifting in and out of sleep, the oxygen mask was firmly strapped on but breathing was difficult.

Two days later, I finally reached the summit, tired and cold (especially my hands) and exhausted. But at least I had made it (for this week at least) and things were clearer. I had kissed a part of the sky that I had not before and I liked it so much that I wanted to do it again and again. But rushing back up to the summit frequently does not make sense. In fact, rushing would be the very worst thing I could do.

I started my descent last night, oxygen mask still firmly strapped on. I'm breathing easier but there are brief moments of disbelief that completely take my breath away. I get dizzy for a moment and then shake my head to clear it. And trek on.

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