12.06.2006 (Wednesday), 06:38 PM

Trust. Again.


It always fucking happens. Every single time and I should know by now to not let it bug me. But it does.

If you lie to me, you're fucked. If you try and decieve me, you're fucked. Plain and simple. People still do it all the time - must be human nature. But that human nature I can live without.

Right now, I have the luxury of heaving the middle finger up because I have nothing to lose.

So, to the folks whose six-month anniversary I was forced into: fuck you. Yeah, you and you and you. Oh, and especially you. You are the reason I still find myself devoting time to thinking about how you chose to screw me sideways and demonstrate just how controlling and fucked up you really are. Yet I trusted you to the very end. Bad on me.

To the folks who are showing a distinct lack of trust now...you don't know me, you have no idea of how I operate. DO NOT fuck with me and I won't be forced to fuck with you. This is your only warning.

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