12.07.2006 (Thursday), 06:14 AM

The Valise, Part 2

the long haul...

At least the 11 hour flight was uneventful... Yumi stood at the baggage carousel wondering how her apartment had survived for the past three months. As her lone kelly green pack came tumbling down from the chutes, she looked at the bright valise carry-on next to her and mused on the new opportunity that brought her back home.

A quick flash of the worn red passport and some prefunctory banter with the Customs agent got Yumi out into the terminal. It was mid-afternoon and Narita's usual hustle-bustle of travellers making their connections to the surrounding cities was in full swing. And it would still be at least two hours of train rides and lugging her bags up long flights of subway stairs.

Settling into an empty seat, Yumi started to feel that familiar hypnotic train motion start to kick in. As mild drowsiness started to settle in, she made a mental list of the things she'd do first: stop at the conbini just below her apartment and grab some cold tea, beer and cigarettes then head upstairs to do nothing but relax for a few hours....

The gently forceful deceleration of the train woke Yumi from her slumber and she started to stretch to get ready for another 20 minutes of subway train rides in late afternoon rush hour. "I've got a week to get everything arranged", she thought. "I hope it will be enough."

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