11.02.2006 (Thursday), 11:54 PM

The Valise, Part 1

to the airport

"No, you don't understand. I need to be at the airport now."

As Yumi stood in the drizzling rain, with her 60's throw-back, summer-of-love fluorescent flowered valise at her side, she wondered if she'd ever get to the airport at this pace.

Her friend had agreed to drive her but now that seemed to be a forgotten conversation and promise made long ago. "So, you can't come then?", she said with resigned exasperation, "All right. No, that's ok, I'm sorry too."

Yumi was no stranger to friends consistently standing her up. But she had learned to just accept it as a fact of life. The only option now was a $40 taxi ride. She flipped open her phone and began to dial...

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