07.12.2006 (Wednesday), 04:58 PM


watch for low flying planes and satellites...

Has it really been more than a month? Time flies when you're having fun or at least are keeping occupied. Someone the other day told me that I looked relaxed and happy for the first time in a long while. Well, yeah, I guess I am.

Intentionally keeping off the grid is a good thing. It brings up the whole issue of anonymity and how much I crave that at times.

I have only even wanted to be a member of the cool kids club when it was completely uncool to be a member. I have been a member of that club recently but it had been super-cool to be a member for many years.

Now that I'm no longer a member of that particular club, I feel that I can now move seamlessly between worlds. Oh sure, I'm probably going to join another club but it'll be terribly uncool to most of the cool kids.

And that suits me just fine.

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