06.05.2006 (Monday), 05:48 AM

Out (Tokyo 2006 Day 9)

...see you next time!

Every one of my trips to Tokyo has been a incredible learning experience. This time is no different. Given all of the excitement of two weeks ago, I think that I have had time to relax a bit and enjoy, once again, all that Tokyo has to offer.

It's not about buying loads of gadgets, music, food, books (all of which I do but on a much smaller scale than 5 years ago), it's about being out and exploring and most of all, living.

Lots of people I know shake their heads and wonder why I come here. "What about the language?" "How do you get around?" "What about ordering food?"

Granted, I have been studying Japanese for more years than I care to admit but this is NOT a difficult city to navigate either by speaking, moving or eating. There are adventures waiting around every single corner even if you don't see them at first. The trick is to actually take the time and LOOK. The rewards are there. Believe me.

Once again, Tokyo is a place where I visit my cherished friends...people that really make up a big part of who I am. I only get to see them once a year (if I can make the trip) and many of them cannot make it to the US very often so every moment I spend with them is special. (If I had a boatload of money, I'd fly every single one of them over for a few weeks to have a gigantic Texas-style barbecue at my house and then go sample the delights of the Bay Area...).

to Soma-san and his wife Kazumi;
to Kabata-san, her husband Tai and their ultra-cute daughter So-chan;
to Tateda-san;
to Noriko (who was so busy this time that we didn't get connected),
to Ajiki-san (and her new house!); and
to all of my other friends here who I missed this time around...

...thank you, thank you, thank you. You make Tokyo that much more special to me.


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