06.03.2006 (Saturday), 06:33 AM

Hiking Kamakura (Tokyo 2006 Day 7)

taking the humans out for walkies...

The hike home continues...Soma-san, his wife Kazumi and I spent the day tooling around Kamakura and Enoshima (about an hour south of Tokyo).

Wandering the backwoods on narrow trails with lots of lush green is pretty soul stirring. The trail we chose was probably the steepest one but also the shortest. We traversed it in about an hour, panting part of the way, enjoying the cool breeze on other sections. There are a few "yagura" along this trail. Yagura are mountain-side tombs craved out of the rock. Most have small shrines erected at their entrance...these are solemn places to reflect.

Rather than blather on, I'll just let some photos do the talking...

Gion-Yama Hiking Course... (photo by wjc)

(more photos in the "Read More" link below)...

Lush greenery, cool and serene... (photo by wjc)

Tree fungus, more than likely poisonous but a beautiful off-white... (photo by wjc)

Looking down upon Kamakura... (photo by wjc)

When hydrangea turns blue, the rainy season is nearly over. This one has jumped the gun... (photo by wjc)

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