06.02.2006 (Friday), 09:09 PM

High Fashion Risks (Tokyo 2006 Day 6)

yabai! abunai!

The long hike home has finally come and I'm at the point in this trip where I wish I had another week to spend.

But since I don't have that, I did the next best thing and spent the afternoon with my friend Kurihara-san (who owns a cool and very fashionable clothing store in Harajuku called Ryoh Rounds) walking up and down the streets of Daikanyama and Naka-Meguro.

Both of these areas have many small shops specializing in the latest trends in Tokyo-style couture and all one has to do is get there then start wandering. The sheer number of places to merely window shop is staggering and if you're willing to open the saifu (wallet) you're in even better luck.

The streets are pretty narrow in these areas so walking becomes a kind of motion sport where you end up bobbing and weaving before ducking into some shop with a complete Las Vegas clothing theme...as surreal as that sounds, it was actually true. We were nearly brushed off by a small compact car as we passed by a parked truck and the nearest safe haven was a paean to Sin City. No. Really.

A long leisurely afternoon walk was just what the doctor ordered and it was made even better accompanied by Kurihara-san. We took many breaks to smoke and/or cool our feet and to just chat. It was relaxed and natural and lots of fun.

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