06.01.2006 (Thursday), 11:38 PM

Float. (Tokyo 2006 Day 5)

...and black ships ate the sky...

I float effortlessly among the echoes and percussive throb of the rails. My feet still touch ground but I still float. There is always movement here; nothing ever stands still, not for one moment. Body and edifice alike move with and against each other slipping back and forth between conscious decision and pre-determined kinetic pathways. I float past smooth grinding machinery that fills these halls and passageways with fresh, cold air and mutes everything else for moments at a time. The air flow stops only for a brief second when...

...new lights/people/cars fill the tubes. Rushing and squealing along along their rails and walkways, I float effortlessly in and around the sounds, passing up the urge to fling myself to their source knowing only that my efforts wouldn't be rewarded with anything more than seeing them in a flash and then returning to the top of the tubes only to float again.

I float up the tri-corridor incline looking to ascend into a metallic heaven. A heaven of dense white light and chromed ceilings and serrated steps that always move. Always move. There are voices all around me and I understand nothing except what I truly understand. The chatter is deafening but soothing at the same time.

Voices of tonight, of tomorrow, of yesterday, of loves and lives past, of meals, of hopes and dreams. I float, winding myself though and under the voices, yearning to understand every last word. I float by unable to comprehend everything so I am content to understand what I can. I look through people and people look through me yet we are connected by what we understand best.

I float along streets made of concrete shells concealing a vast network under my body the vibrations of which are ever present. My feet leave curling wisps of steam everytime they pass over something hollow as if my feet wish to reveal the truth below them. I know the truth but my feet refuse to believe. I float to keep them honest. They step lightly to avoid their real fate.

Away from the vast corridors, I float through a night air thick with smoke and mist and smells of a thousand trysts of all manner of gustatory delights. Lifted up above this canopy of visible air, I see and hear all of the sounds of groaning buildings, the sounds of the straining streets, the sounds of all people calling up to their respective deities, the sounds of rushing rushing rushing, the sounds of a million voices insistently calling home.

All of this...is in constant motion. Kinetic, virtual, random, pre-determined...it never stops. From moment-to-moment, it never lets up. Never relents. Never rests. Never sleeps. As long as I can continue to float through this world, neither will I.

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