05.27.2006 (Saturday), 11:40 PM

What I'd Do For Ramen (Tokyo 2006 Day 1)

....pork-y goodness...

Roundabout 8pm, I was seriously nodding off (still jetlagged: 時差ぼけ or "jisaboke" (say gee-sah-boh-kay)) and in need of something to quell an empty stomach. Since many places here are open late, I knew it wouldn't be difficult to find something but the prospect of tramping through the wetness was uninviting.

There would only be one cure: a big, hot, steaming bowl of ramen. And that would come from my favorite ramen place in Tokyo: Kazuki Ramen.

Kazuki is open 24 hours a day so a fix is available for price of a subway ticket (or an expensive cab ride after 1 am). Fortunately, the subway line near the apartment runs very close to Kazuki ramen so it was just a matter of dragging my sorry but famished butt out there.

Ah, but once there....heaven. Roasted pork ramen, with shredded spring onion, takemoko (bamboo shoot) and a nearly hard-boiled egg. Add a small spoonful of crushed garlic, some white pepper and voilá, no more hunger. It even made the trip back that much warmer.

(You can read a more and heavily detailed decsription of this night's Kazuki ramen on Two. Ate.)

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