05.25.2006 (Thursday), 12:31 AM

Welcome To The Terrordome

no time like the present.

Inspirational verse for the evening. Chopped up to fit the mood. Apologies to PE for gettin' all chop-shop on they words. Dig...


I got so much trouble on my mind
I refuse to lose
Here's your ticket


I don't know about later
As for now I know how to avoid the paranoid
Man I've had it up to here
Gear I wear got 'em goin' in fear
Rhetoric said
Read just a bit ago
Not quittin' though

but still...

Raw metaphysically bold
Never followed a code
Still dropped a load
Never question what I am God knows
Cause it's comin' from the heart

off to a distant land and still...

Made the call, took the fall
Broke the laws
Not my fault they're fallin' off


You the man now, dawg. (Bobby requoted that from Sean Connery so he's gets full credit)

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