05.05.2006 (Friday), 07:22 AM

Time For Time

time enough and time to go...

Sometimes...even though it's right in front of you (I mean RIGHT THERE) you don't really see it. Then, when you do....BALAM! It hits you like the proverbial ton of bricks.

Change is coming soon and the story is good and viable and right smack in the direction that I'd like it to go in. Not that it's not scary - it is. But it's a hell of a lot less scary than two weeks ago when I thought the world was crashing down all at once.

I'm so goddamn GIDDY about it, I can hardly see straight. I'll need to maintain a modicum of control; there is still a lot of logistics to figure out, lots of careful planning to be done. However, there is a light and it's not a rushing train....

Change is coming. Soon. And I am finally ready.

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