05.27.2006 (Saturday), 07:18 PM

This Is The Glory Day (Tokyo 2006 Day 1)

...this is our glory day...

When I was told last week that "tsuyu" had aleady come ("tsuyu" being the term for the rainy season in Japan), I honestly thought "how bad could it be?". I mean, it's just the beginning of the season, right? Yikes! What a mess. Wet, cold, semi-sticky humidity: Saturday was a rain-festival. Since day 2 is really a "getting rid of jet-lag day", it didn't really matter. Out and about in Shinjuku visiting some familar haunts for half a day was a nice start of the cure.

One of the treats about coming here is visiting my friends Kaba, Tai and their ultra-cute daughter So-chan. Getting to their house is half the fun. The live off the Setagaya train line which has to be the smallest and cutest train system in Tokyo. It's a relatively short line (10 stops end-to-end) with a two-car train. It's not overly speedy which matches the vibe in the neighbourhoods it services.

I think that if I chose to live in Tokyo that I would try and find a place along this line. Lots of very subdued but modern looking buildings, narrow streets, few cars, quiet...it just FEELS so comfortable. I wouldn't use the term "suburbs" because the city is just looming blocks away but it's more like a little slice of sanity among the bustle.

The four of us had lunch and chatted the afternoon away. So-chan is 1 1/2 years old and I have become kind of a mid-year Santa Claus to her since I bring her small stuffed animals to hug and play with. She was one happy baby this time out and even wanted me to carry her around for a while. We mugged for a camera for a while and that was a blast.

On the semi-long trek back, I thought it interesting that life can be peaceful here amid all of flash and hustle. Not that I didn't know that before but going out to visit Kaba always reminds me. It's a living worth pursuing back home as well.

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