05.30.2006 (Tuesday), 11:02 AM

Tamako Jitenshado (Tokyo 2006 Day 3)

...tree lined and beautiful...

The alarm didn't actually scream at me as loudly as I thought it would. Last night I crashed HARD - I didn't even remember to post the previous entry. It was that hard. So 5:15 am didn't seem so harsh.

Trains start running here early (around 5 am) so getting mobile wasn't going to be hard. Pack up the essential gear, including the iPod, some gels, a bottle of water and towels. Out the door at 5:35 am.

The ride out to Tamako Jitenshado was going to be long so a pre-run banana and a gel (orange - bleahh, I mean YUM!) would have to get me there. Everything went well until getting on to the main line (and longest part of the ride) because the Express trains really don't start running until rush hour. Now it would be at least 35-45 minutes stopping at every station along the way.

But it ended up being worth it. Tamako Jitenshado is a converted train line path. It is marked in 1/10 kilometer increments so distances were a snap. The path winds just to the north of the main train line (the Seibu Shinjuku) through community gardens, past a few schools (elementary and junior high), through some quietly residential areas and most of it is tree-lined.

I did just under 5K this morning and finished up around 7:45 am. It was cool-ish, a bit humid and so generating a good healthy sweat (now thankful for bringing an extra set of dry clothes) occurred. Back at the Hana-Koganei station, a bit of a cool down and back on the train and back home.

The greatest thing about running for me is that it allows me to concentrate on keeping pace. It clears my head and helps me not think about problems and other concerns so much. It's relaxing and cleansing and just what I needed right about now.

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