05.28.2006 (Sunday), 12:37 PM

More Lazy Than Usual (Tokyo 2006 Day 2)

...lazy, should stay in bed...

The urge to get up and do EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW is very strong here. It's the buzz, urgency and the tenor of the city that creates that. However, there is much to be said for just being content to chill. I'm at the point where it's not a huge deal to get around (damn, not like it used to be) so the urgency is tempered by relaxation.

The rain has finally subsided and it looks nice outside. My apartment is on the seventh floor looking out on West Shinjuku (西新宿) and although it's not as high as most buildings, the view is decent. There are flashes of green from lower rooftops where community gardens grow amid the concrete. And as you've probably heard, the buildings are fairly tightly packed so the density is stunning.

The main street below me is off-and-on noisy and there seems to be a to-do down the road as fire trucks have been screaming by every 10 minutes. Faint radio and TV sounds are swirling around as well but they're not to terribly annoying. It's just a lazy Sunday morning.

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