05.28.2006 (Sunday), 07:50 PM

Mapping Shimokitazawa (Tokyo 2006 Day 2)

...hot pepper magazines and lots of dogs (?)...

Shimokitazawa is a section of Tokyo that I have been meaning to get to know for several trips now. Usually, it's just a destination for later night drinking and eating as Mother's Ruin and Hiroki are there.

However, most all of the shops there are open late and there are scads of them all densely packed into the blocks surrounding the station. But in the daylight, the sights are even more plentiful.

Sunday afternoons just about anywhere in Tokyo are filled with people enjoying their day off. Shimokitazawa is no different. Because the area seemed to have grown up around the two stations sandwiched on top of each other, there are many (and I mean MANY) small shops. It's a very fashionable district as well with trendy clothing stores, gadget shops, CD stores and an abundance of "hemp" related stores celebrating the (ahem) 420 lifestyle. (While I know that pot is available in Japan, it's interesting to see all of the peripheral hemp interests...)

There's a constant set of stimuli whether it's the rushing trains, or the chattering vendors, or the music blasting from all corrners. It's a perfect place to get "lost" although you are really never far from the station.

(Pictures to come later...perhaps tomorrow...)

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