05.31.2006 (Wednesday), 06:38 PM

High-End Living (Tokyo 2006 Day 4)

money, money, money...

Feeling a bit dulled by something...maybe picked up a bug or something but long. leisurely walks were on the agenda today.

Out in Yurakucho, where I really have never been to, I was suprised to discover how close it is to the Ginza district. Quite honestly, nautical(?) direction (north, south, east, west) completely escapes me in Tokyo. I mean, I do know that Yokohama is south of Tokyo but within the loop of the old city, I know the train and subway systems and would be hard pressed to tell you which way we were travelling.

As a rule, I don't care for Ginza. Yes, it's all glittery but it's over-priced and jeez, it just doesn't appeal to me much since there's nothing here that I'd drop cash on save for a few outstanding restaurants. Yurakucho is on the upper edge (north? I dunno...) of Ginza. As soon as I saw the Hermes store, the "uh-oh" section of my brain kicked in.

There's boatloads of money here. Well, not for the taking. It's all in the businesses that surround the area. Maybe it's the bug, or the indidiously encroaching heat but not at all what I had expected...

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