05.31.2006 (Wednesday), 09:55 PM

Biggest. Muji. Ever. (Tokyo 2006 Day 4)

...Muji life...

Ok, ok, just as I was preparing to leave Yurakucho, I found the mecca of low-key deapartment stores. I was actually IN Yurakucho to find this place but it's just hidden enough that I was nearly stumped. (It'll also teach me to bring the goddamn address next time as well...)

Muji is Japan's equivalent to Sweeden's IKEA only it's SO much cooler in such a modern, low-key way. Even if you don't care for IKEA, you will probably wet your pants over Muji. And if you are an IKEA fan? You'll lose all control.

The Muji store in Yurakucho is their largest (the one in Ikebukuro is pretty compact), complete with a whole two-story Japanese house outfitted with their product. Inexpensive, functional, simple, modern-looking is the M.O. here. A real oasis amid the expensive distrcts around here.

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