05.27.2006 (Saturday), 08:07 AM

Back In The Saddle (Tokyo 2006 Day 1)

...an old friend...

Well now...

After an uneventful flight, only marred by a airport-wide computer freeze which nearly put everything off schedule, I moved into my apartment which will be my base of operations (haha) for this trip. The place is actually pretty nice and small as expected. I spent a fitful night of sleep trying to shake off recent events but otherwise no worse for wear.

Today is getting my bearings, exploring the neighbourhood and dodging raindrops. The usual spring-to-rainy season thing didn't happen here. There is usually a window of about 3-4 weeks in April/May where the temps are mild and the weather behaves. Not this year. It went right to rainy and it looks like at least this weekend will be sloppy. Next week is supposed to be nicer. We'll see.

As I have written several times, Tokyo is like an old friend to me. I cannot explain exactly why - it just is. There is just a vibe here that you cannot get anywhere else.

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