03.06.2006 (Monday), 08:12 PM

Unintentional Victims

Stupid. Fucking. Morons.

There is this annoying trend in management technique where one way of dealing with people who have an issue or complaint are told to "stop making themselves a victim".... of course this is just a way to get people to think in a positive manner and to see beyond their frustration to solve a problem, commmunicate clearly and positively - all noble goals...but...

...what is SO supremely annoying about this is that it's trotted out for real legitimate issues that need solutions that people should rightfully be pissed off about. Those things that need solutions but where the cure can only come from the top...those things where the decisions are ONLY controlled from the top...

Yeah, how can you so boldly state that one is "making themselves a victim" when you don't have the fucking acuity to make a decision, to choose a direction, to pay attention, to listen, to be present... So the next time you tsk-tsk and attempt a flimsy usage of a well-intentioned management technique, make sure you're properly indentifying a victim and not participating in a mugging.

Posted by wjc