03.05.2006 (Sunday), 11:11 PM

Gym Bore Ree (part 3)


Guys are so godammned funny when they're naked. And the hilarity really runs amuck when they're closer than 5 feet from each other...

What is it about guys and wanting to be AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE from another naked (or EVEN semi-naked?, barely naked?) guy?

So peep it...there are countless scenes at this gym of two guys with lockers maybe 3 or 4 lockers away from each other. One gets there first and is doing his level best to not take up a buncha room. The second guy circles for a moment (unsure of this strange situation of (GASP) another guy near "his" locker) then dives in. And in a matter of milliseconds, he has his locker unlocked and is ferretting away the shit in his locker, in a frenetic manner , to the opposite corner of the room. I swear, it's like boxing's mandatory eight count or something. "Please, you've seen his ass, go to the neutral corner and wait for the end of the eight count....".

Frankly, I don't really give a rat's ass about who is nearby, even if the dude is right next to my locker. I open mine, try to grab my little piece of personal space and get on with it. I mean, I might break the ice by saying, "hey, nice penis" or something equally as witty or intelligent but by the time I'd have a chance to do that, they've scurried to the nearest corner to nurse their threatened manhood.

Posted by wjc