03.05.2006 (Sunday), 11:07 PM

Gym Bore Ree (part 2)

Oh we get all kinds in here...

The gym I go to has it's share of characters. I'm there every other day (sometimes two days in a row) and I always see something excessively ludicrous or stupid. Here's a recent smattering (after the jump), to join the ultimately stoopid dude on his cellphone in the shower......:

- A guy walks into a bar....er, no, onto a treadmill and starts to walk, Of course, he has to have his cellphone with him. And of course, it rings. And much to the annoyance to all around him, he conducts his bizzness right there, going 3.7 miles per hour. Um, jeez.

- Dude cannot seem to drag all of his shit actually INTO the shower...now we're talking 4 to 5 different bottles of stuff, jeez, I dunno....conditioner, shampoo, backhair sluice, asscrack exfoliant...it's really excessive. The funny (well, ok pretty fucking annoying) thing is that he keeps all of this crap in the area where freshly showered lads (heh) towel off. So you've got this guy who is in varying shades of wet and lather-y dropping in on the towel party (DON'T get me started....dammit) applying his anti-fungal nasal scrub, perky nipple mud mask and what have you right in the middle of guys who are trying to GET DRY...

- Some relatively innocuous-looking man (until he opens his mouth, of course) stalks into the locker room, draw a bead on slightly messy trash-hole-receptacle near the sink/mirror area and exclaims to no one in particular, "Jesus fucking Christ, most of the guys in here can't even hit a six inch diameter hole....it's NO WONDER they can't get laid!". Um, how's that? Just on general principles, I'da grabbed Mr. In-Great-Need-Of-A-Shower-Caddy's bottle of Callus Be-Gone Satin Manly-Scent Body Grit and chucked it at his head.

Posted by wjc