12.30.2005 (Friday), 06:30 PM

Truth And Dedication

for everyone crosses by them eventually...

Albert and Gypsy have been gone for a while now but I yearn for their footsteps, their snoring, their greeting, their dedication. When I travelled to Japan on business, Albert used to wait for me in the entryway of our house at about 6:30 pm. Waiting for me to walk through the door so we could play. Now I'm the one who is waiting. It's now always 6:30 pm.

Remembering the dogs that once tromped down the hallway in spiritied games of "hall-ball"; remembering them when they were at the end of their lives, how I didn't want them to go but knew that they should and then relief at their passing to another life where there was no pain and they could hall-ball to their heart's desire...is exactly why I wait.

Posted by wjc