12.04.2005 (Sunday), 11:16 AM

Poubelle 2005

new chef's whites and a pair of houndstooth chef pants...

My hands look like 7 or 8 miles of bad road; I have burns and cuts on just about all of the digits...I just washed all of the kitchen-stink* off my tired body. I'm a mess. And I'm glad.

Of all the things I do during the year, the past 36 hours are among the best. My friend Tom's annual party (The Poubelle Winter Feed) went off with a few hitches but was still (again) an unqualifed success.

I'm not going to catalog the whole menu here (I have a new blog for stuff like that now: http://www.blownstack.com/twoate/) and I'll update that soon...

What I DO want to tell you is that the crew that has worked this party for the past 2-3 years are quite a bunch of talent. Each of us are our own Executive Chef at home but we are all sous-chefs at Poubelle's Winter Feed. And for past 3 years, I have had the privilege and honour of leading the crew. And in no particular order, they are:

Mark: you really must STAY next time. Thanks for all of the work during the day so everyone else could enjoy.

Tim: The dish came together nicely....thanks for letting me fire the fish.

Derrick: Mr. Pain-de-mie...I couldn't say it any better than that.

Meriko: Thanks for everything...you buzz the kitchen being enthusiastic and helpful and always there to do just about anything to make it go smoothly.

And to our Executive Chef, Tom: A pleasure and honour as usual...and I've always got your back.

36 hours, a metric ton of food, 10 pounds of butter, pans on/pans off, "the gnocchi meez to the counter, now, please", rotate the souffles, wine reductions, 55 gallons of stock, butter cream, fresh pate a choux, slice-slice-slice, pace-pace-pace, there's so much more but I'm tired and just need to chill for the day....however, the year just wouldn't be complete if it weren't there... Thanks everyone, you're all rock stars..

* kitchen-stink: the smell of too much shallot, the smell of saute pans fired on high with clarified butter and meat fat, smoke from the outside fire, sweat, blood, tears from prepping aforementioned shallots and so on...

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