12.31.2005 (Saturday), 03:53 PM


right here and now...

Here it is. So many things to say, still more things to do. But here it is.

Trips to Vegas; trips to Mendocino; trips to Amsterdam; trips to Paris. The trips not taken were the rest of the story. But here it is.

I'd like to claim that it was a good year but frankly there were times that were so profoundly disappointing that it brought down the ratings to "ok". Once again, too much to do, too little time and/or inspiration, too much static...and again, here it is.

Here were good strokes and bad strokes...of willpower, brainpower, manpower, music hour (or two). Lost in a sea of good will, good feelings, good will hunting...forever circling and sighing and circling and sighing. And yet, here it is.

Yes, here it is.

Posted by wjc