11.28.2005 (Monday), 01:18 AM

Lunar Sea

...the eagle has landed...

So many weeks. So little time. Back from Paris where I felt at times like the world was far, far away and at other times felt like the world was pushing me into the ground.

There have been lots of not-so-random events in the past weeks...projects out of control, life out of control, life out of balance, lots of things falling apart...

My life is an interesting one so I have really nothing to complain about but the events that leave me breathless are both the best (shuddering, laughing, reveling) and the worst (disapear from the earth, low-low-low, cease to exist). A compendium (you figure out the best and worst, there'll be a test at the end...):

- packing
- technology
- an aimless, shiftless, lifeless job
- relationships that have bloomed
- travelling
- cooking and then eating
- relationships stopping suddenly
- just plain eating
- gearing for the holidays
- houses, trains, planes and automobiles

How many did'ja get?

Posted by wjc