09.20.2005 (Tuesday), 06:54 PM

Land of Extremes

not beating around the bush...anymore, for now

What? Loudmouth. That's what. Most of the time I can control it but sometimes it's too hard to keep down. Shouting from the depths of psuedo-anonymity (but not really) I can only rock it in my cradle for so long. Keep it asleep, hold it down, boiling water. Then it comes out...seething, roiling....seether. And like having too many bad clams, it keeps coming out and out until there's nothing left...empty, barren, regretful for clams much less bad ones.

But still, it forces its way out...not caring a bit for or heeding warning signs to just take the easy road and beat around the bush. Extremes are sometimes a way to an end (sometimes) and I just end up feeling cheated if it doesn't come out so it does. It's emotional, raw, mean, honest...it loses me things that I'll never fathom because in that moment the light is pure and brilliant and white beyond all whiteness. Then it flickers and all is again black...until it becomes white again.

Posted by wjc