09.19.2005 (Monday), 11:52 PM

Dirty and Shining


I watched as some of the best parts of my day faded into yet another frustrating mission of setbacks, misinformation, and random inquiries into why, why, why? I was not impressed.

I saw a guy j-walk (on a freeway offramp crosswalk) and then give the finger to a car that was making it's way onto the freeway quite angrily unaware that the guy could have swerved and just creamed him. I was puzzled.

I saw a gaggle of schoolkids and as they passed, a tall gangly kid in a brilliant red t-shirt swerved into me (on purpose) then missed as I stepped lightly to avoid him. "Gay" was what I heard from them as they passed. I was amused.

I saw a friend of mine eat calamari and drink pinot grigio and contemplate the ocean. And as she swerved to pluck another morsel, she said that I was "edgy". I was delighted.

Posted by wjc