08.07.2005 (Sunday), 05:07 PM


straight lidocaine to the head...

Dumb. Looking at the tar lines on the road going 75 mph getting to know the pebbly, rough surface of the lane while thinking that nothing at all will make it better because nothing ever changes and the lanes just look the same with their tar lines as snakes moving, shimmering, twisting in the mid-day sun beating down causing more numbness from an air conditioner over-wrought from hot air at 75 mph to the $50 piece of ice burning a hole in my pocket making the seats wetter and wetter as the fabric soaks, strains and stains like snakes of the tar lines that rush underneath and nothing ever, ever, ever changes until it does and like I said 34.67 seconds ago it's dumb. Dumb.

Posted by wjc